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SimpleTesla3 — is a ready to use bluetooth controlled DRSSTC.

ST3 is controlled wirelessly over an Android app, which supports both MIDI and regular interruption.

Article — SimpleTesla3
ST3 cirquit — ST3 cirquit diagram

Android App — Google.Play

ST3 on forums — TQFP.ORG

Описание товара

Just like all of our products, this coil has bluetooth interface and can be controlled with android-based smartphone. Watch this coil in action:



Overheat protection test:


Three ST playing song simultaneously:




SimpleTesla3 Schematics — SimpleTesla

Software for Android —

Our forum (in russian) — Форум


  1. :

    What is the input voltage. 230V or 115V? You must use variak respective stepdown transformer? I did not find this information anywhere. Thank you for the response, Pavel Jambor from Czech Republic

    • :

      Hey! It can accept both — the voltage is selecteble with solder jumper on the PCB.

      Take a look at this picture. By default, ST accepts 220V/230V, but, to switch to the 110V/115V operation, you just need to short these pads.

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