SimpleDriver2 *under construction* January 9, 2016


SimpleDriver2 – is a universal DRSSTC/QCW DRSSTC driver board. It supports many modes, including both phase-shifting and buck-based QCW opertion.
SD is not designed for driving SSTC or induction heaters.


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Полюса в тесле September 10, 2015

DRSSTC могут работать в нескольких разных режимах, в зависимости от отношения резонансных частот первичного и вторичного контуров. Поведения в этих режимах немного разнятся. В видео мы рассматриваем, почему это так и как с этим жить:

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SimpleTesla/SimpleInterrupter software July 7, 2015

Let’s take a look at the SimpleTesla‘s (ST) and SimpleInterrupter‘s (SI) software capabilities.

These boards can be controlled wirelessly over Bluetooth or via fiber optic link and are highly configurable.

Логотип ST/SI

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SimpleInterrupter June 25, 2015

SimpleInterrupter (SI) is the small interrupter PCB that makes you tesla coil stand out! It allows you to control  your coil from Android-based smartphone. Play midi files, use synthesizer-like ADSR functionality. It even can control QCW tesla coils. Of course, advanced burst mode interrupter with very useful single-shot mode is also there.SimpleInterrupter

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How to make several SimpleTeslas play single song June 18, 2015

It is great to have possibility to play a song on several Tesla Coils at once! Most of melodies are polyphonic and sounds a bit awkward when played in monophonic mode. The harmony of streamers contributes a lot to the show. Possibilities are endless, and now SimpleTesla supports that.

 Download BlueMidi1.0


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