SimpleInterrupter v1.3


Bluetooth MIDI interrupter.

SimpleInterrupter can be embedded in any Tesla coil design and provides very advanced functionality: DRSSTC-safe polyphonic MIDI,  synthesizer effects(ADSR, LFO, Portamento), programmable burst-mode interruption, PWM ramp generation for QCW DRSSTCs, temperature telemetry and protection, fiber optic cable input and output for multicoil playback, DAC output for OCD control, as well as various output limiting features to provide safety with any MIDI-file played.


SI can be accessed by any Android device over Bluetooth to serve as a GUI display and provide access to SD card for MIDI-files with a file manager. SimpleTesla application can always be downloaded from Google Play.


This is the most advanced Tesla coil interrupter currently available on the market.

Android app

Hardware description

Software description

Schematics SI v1.3




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