SimpleTesla v3.2


SimpleTesla v3.2 — is a MIDI-compatible musical instrument capable of producing sound by the means of shooting physical lightning in the air.

ST3 can be controlled wirelessly over an Android app, which supports both MIDI and regular interruption.

Tech details: ST v3.2 is a half-bridge dual-resonant solid state Tesla coil that outputs 28″ streamers. Can be configured to work either from 110V or 220V mains. Operation time highly depends on settings, and ranges from 10-15 minutes before overheat to infinity. MMC is 66 nF and tank current is 270A. Physical dimensions are 8.7 x 8.7 x 23.6 inches. Overcurrent detection and 2 temperature sensors, as well as highly-refined overall design provide excellent reliability.

Article – SimpleTesla3
ST3 cirquit – ST3 cirquit diagram

Android App – Google.Play

ST3 on forums – TQFP.ORG


Just like all of our products, this coil has bluetooth interface and can be controlled with android-based smartphone. Watch this coil in action:



Overheat protection test:


Three ST playing song simultaneously:




SimpleTesla3 Schematics – SimpleTesla

Software for Android –

Our forum (in russian) – Форум


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