SimpleInterrupter June 25, 2015

SimpleInterrupter (SI) is the small interrupter PCB that makes you tesla coil stand out! It allows you to control  your coil from Android-based smartphone. Play midi files, use synthesizer-like ADSR functionality. It even can control QCW tesla coils. Of course, advanced burst mode interrupter with very useful single-shot mode is also there.SimpleInterrupter

Software manual

You can read manual for software used in SimpleInterrupter in separate article here. We separated manuals because SimpleTesla uses same software.


SI is as small as 48mm*35mm, it has three M3 mounting holes and two connectors – for power supply and for tesla coil.

Supply voltage is 5V±10%, current consumption is 50mA with no load. SI has no voltage reversal or overvoltage protection.

Output signal has 5V amplitude and can source or sink 30mA

Размеры SimpleInterrutper

You can connect SI in several ways by replacing some components on it’s PCB (please, refer to schematic or to PCB silkscreen).

  • Bluetooth mode. This is the default variant of SI. Parts mounted: R9 or R2, without Q1.v1
  • Optical input mode. In this mode, SI can receive MIDI signals via optical cable.  It also has passthrough mode where it passes input signal to output, but limit signal’s maximum frequency and pulse width. Parts mounted: U3 (IF-D95), R5, R2, Q1.v2
  • Bluetooth to optical output mode. Parts mounted: R4 и U3 (IF-E96)


  • MIDI with optocoupler to optical output mode. This mode can be used in order to comply to MIDI standart. Parts mounted: U3 (IF-E96), R4(1k), R7(under 100 Ohms), and Q1(BSS123 signal MOSFET).v5


Despite all the effort we’v made making SimpleInterrupter EMI-proof, it can misbehave in violent situations. If EMI is strong enougth to halt MCU used in SI, Watchdog will disable coil in 1ms. Not all coil are capable of surviving this event, so it’s strolgly adviced to use overcurrent protection when SI is used.

In extreme cases, SI can be destroyed by EMI or by streamer.


You can dowload SimpleInterrupter schematics here

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